Sisterhood of the Successful Businesses

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Last night my husband had a Chamber After Five event at his store. My sister came to town to do a little networking to promote her new graphic design/ web hosting business. It was a great night!   First of all, I have to brag a little. I am proud as heck of my husband and my sister for making… Read more »

Cats are Smart?

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I have come to the conclusion that I attract dumb cats.   I grew up on the farm with lots of “barn cats”. The first one I recall playing with as a child was no genius- I named her “Run Around In Circles” after her favorite- and apparently only- pastime. When I was older we had a cat named Penelope… Read more »

Disconnected Connectivity

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I love Facebook. I love reading status updates, looking at pictures and yes, I do love playing silly games too. I have Facebook friends from all over the place ranging from classmates I haven’t seen in 15 years or more to my next door neighbor. I also have a MySpace page and have had the same email address forever now…. Read more »

Cowboys and Indians

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Or I guess I should say “Persons engaged in ranching and wearing Western-inspired apparel” and “Persons whose ancestors were indigenous to North America”. But that’s hard for 6 year old boys to say, let alone play in the back yard. Recently a celebrity (and I use that term loosely) was quoted using the term “indian giver” and the internet exploded…. Read more »

Keeping the Faith

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I spent all day yesterday at an old-fashioned church festival that is put on every year by the church much of my family attends and that I attended as a child. The music for this festival provided by a band. Many decades ago this church had an actual organized band but what we call “the band” these days can best… Read more »

Green vs Green

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This spring the air conditioning in my car went out. I’ve been without it- and complaining about it- ever since. A couple weeks ago I mentioned to my husband that my gas milage had gotten better. recently I drive about 60 miles road trip to and from work every day and I was getting another 30 miles or so out… Read more »