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I am half dead (or feel like it anyway) with a sinus cold but there are 2 things I just had to say: #1 Those are NOT my feet in my last entry. I pulled that picture off the internet!! #2 Why is it that the more TV channels I have the less there is on??

The Toes Have it

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I don’t know any woman who is truly happy with how they look. Most of us have days when we feel like we look pretty good and days we think we look like something that people should be charged admission to see. And no we don’t know why. It’s just a woman thing! Today was not one of my good… Read more »

Sisterhood of the Successful Businesses

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Last night my husband had a Chamber After Five event at his store. My sister came to town to do a little networking to promote her new graphic design/ web hosting business. It was a great night!   First of all, I have to brag a little. I am proud as heck of my husband and my sister for making… Read more »

Cats are Smart?

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I have come to the conclusion that I attract dumb cats.   I grew up on the farm with lots of “barn cats”. The first one I recall playing with as a child was no genius- I named her “Run Around In Circles” after her favorite- and apparently only- pastime. When I was older we had a cat named Penelope… Read more »

Disconnected Connectivity

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I love Facebook. I love reading status updates, looking at pictures and yes, I do love playing silly games too. I have Facebook friends from all over the place ranging from classmates I haven’t seen in 15 years or more to my next door neighbor. I also have a MySpace page and have had the same email address forever now…. Read more »

Cowboys and Indians

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Or I guess I should say “Persons engaged in ranching and wearing Western-inspired apparel” and “Persons whose ancestors were indigenous to North America”. But that’s hard for 6 year old boys to say, let alone play in the back yard. Recently a celebrity (and I use that term loosely) was quoted using the term “indian giver” and the internet exploded…. Read more »

Keeping the Faith

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I spent all day yesterday at an old-fashioned church festival that is put on every year by the church much of my family attends and that I attended as a child. The music for this festival provided by a band. Many decades ago this church had an actual organized band but what we call “the band” these days can best… Read more »