What day of Christmas is it anyway?

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Believe it or not, today (December 26th) is actually the FIRST day of Christmas. Yes really. And in case you were wondering, the 12th day of Christmas is January 6, Epiphany, which marks the celebration of the Magi visit to the baby Jesus. Why do I mention this? To gripe about a Christmas pet peeve that’s bugged me for year… Read more »

Not there yet

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I love Christmas. I love Christmas carols, Christmas decorations, Christmas goodies, the works.   But for some reason this year I am having a very difficult time getting into the Christmas spirit. I’ve bought quite a few presents already but I haven’t written any cards yet or put up any decorations. I just don’t feel like it and I don’t… Read more »

Customer Service Reps and You

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The holiday shopping season is officially in full swing. As someone who has worked in customer service in one form or another for most of my adult life I have a few suggestions on how to make your experiences with my fellow customer service professionals easier for everyone. #1 Be respectful. There is a big difference between “You guys messed… Read more »


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As if to cap off my year of constant illness I now seem to have come down with H1N1. I don’t recommend it. As soon as I am feeling better I will start blogging again.

A completely non-neutral review of Bon Jovi’s The Circle album

As anyone who’s known me for more than 5 minutes knows I LOVE Bon Jovi and I have since I was 13. They could put out an album called “Belching with Bon Jovi” and I would gladly buy it. That being said here are my thoughts on “The Circle” which was released on November 10th. The overall sound of the… Read more »

Home Sweet Home

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Right now I am sitting in my favorite chair with my favorite kitty on my lap watching one of my favorite TV shows (Mercy). Granted, it’s Wednesday but I did this same thing last Friday too. And probably the Friday before that. Point is, I like being home any day of the week. Even on the weekends!   There was… Read more »

Happy Halloween. I guess.

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Am I the only person on the planet who doesn’t get super excited about Halloween? When I was a kid Halloween was pretty much reserved for elementary aged kids. Adults stayed home and handed out candy to said kids when they knocked on their doors in costume. But now it appears that adults are more into Halloween than kids are!… Read more »

It was bound to happen and one night it did

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The title of this blog entry is borrowed from a Garth Brooks song (Papa Loved Mama). Happily, there is no connection between the events of his song (infidelity) and the events that lead me to this post.   Most of us behave a certain way around our family and a different way around our friends- some of us more so… Read more »

Charles Schultz was almost right

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It’s actually a warm kitty. I have one in my lap right now purring and if that isn’t contentment I don’t know what is. My baby girl Pumpkin is a constant course of happiness for me! All she wants is snuggle up with someone she loves and purr. I don’t think it’s possible to be stressed when you have that… Read more »