What’s in a Name?

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What is the deal with people deciding that their child needs a goofily-spelled name? I’m not talking about names where there are more than one socially acceptable versions already out there such as Geoffrey/Jeffrey or Deborah/Debra. I’m talking about all the other names that we as a society thought we already knew how to spell but apparently didn’t.This comes to… Read more »


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Well apparently I wasn’t the only one who was not impressed by the billboard comparing Obama to Hitler. The thing has made headlines all over the world! Thankfully it was taken down yesterday but if you really want to know more about it just Google “Mason City Billboard”. I don’t know what was going on in the heads of whomever… Read more »

It’s shocking!!

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What is going on in this country that everything has to be shocking to get our attention? What makes me say this? I’ll tell you. Right now there are 2 billboards paid for by the Tea Party that I see every day on my drive to work. The first one, which has been up for a while now, says in… Read more »