Maritime Day

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Duluth MN Joseph Block

Today is Maritime Day! Today is all about the history of the maritime industry and the men and women who have, and will continue to shape it. At first glance this might seem like an odd “holiday” for me to be excited about as Iowa is, as you should very well know, land locked.  However, as most of you also… Read more »

Rhetoric Never Wins

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In the last couple weeks one of the biggest issue dividing people on social media and about everywhere else is abortion.  I’ve already written about my stance on this issue, it hasn’t changed since then, and it’s not relevant to today’s post.  But, if you forgot or or curious please feel free to check it out here: Today I’m… Read more »

National Decency Day

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This is a day I’m sad we need.  But we SOOOOO need it.  Today is National Decency Day. What is decency?  It’s simple- be nice to people.  Specifically, people who are different than you.  Maybe their skin is a different color.  Maybe their politics are different.  Maybe their God is different.  Maybe their family looks different. This shouldn’t be hard. … Read more »

Nobody Can Tell Me……

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Nobody can tell me……. What usually follows that?  Something like “what to do with my body” or “what to do with my kids”.  And up to point you are correct when you say those things, but up to a point you are incorrect too. We have laws against child endangerment and child abuse.  We have labor laws.  We have seat… Read more »

I’m Still a Woman

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Last week marked a milestone of sorts for me- the 10 year anniversary of my hysterectomy. I had very large uterine fibroids that were growing rapidly and causing a variety of very unpleasant symptoms that would have only continued to worsen had I not had the surgery.  And, I won’t lie- not having to deal with monthly periods anymore has… Read more »

Adopt a Shelter Pet Day

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Today is Find Your New Best Friend Day, aka Adopt a Shelter Pet Day! As you are undoubtedly well aware I currently share my home with three black cats.  Two of them came into me – directly or indirectly- through shelters. There are so many cats and dogs in shelters in every community waiting for their forever homes.  Many are… Read more »