Cousins Day

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Today is national Cousins Day. I see many posts on social media about how “cousins are your first friends” or something to that effect.  My father speaks glowingly about his days with his “first friends”.   I see lots of folks posting pics of their kids with their cousins having a great time.   If you were blessed this way, congrats to… Read more »

Getting Knotty

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I’ve attempted several times before to explain why I put myself through the sometimes stressful and sometimes frustrating process of having a regularly updated blog. I will probably never be able to fully express it to myself, let alone anyone else.  The short answer is that it’s half therapy, half creative release and half just plain fun (some days). One… Read more »

National Cheer up the Lonely Day

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Today is the kind of hopeful, lovey day we need more of- it’s National Cheer Up the Lonely Day. This day was founded by Francis Pesek of Michigan.  His family says he had a heart of gold and was always looking out for the folks in his neighborhood and just about anyone he came into contact with.   Today was his… Read more »

Let’s Concentrate

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Much has been made lately of the conditions of the migrant camps at the southern border, and for good reason. The conditions there are, quite frankly, horrendous.  There has been all kinds of name calling and finger-pointing about this, as seems to be the case with any political issue these days.  I decided to spend some time actually looking into what is and isn’t true about these camps… Read more »