Thank you Thursday (early)

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As I wrote about last year, the 4th Thursday in April is Thank You Thursday,  It’s a pretty simple concept, but if you need a refresher you can check it out here: This past week three people – none of whom know each other- all took the time to let me know how much they appreciated something specific I’d… Read more »

What Stinks?

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It seems in today’s society there are very few things that cannot be discussed openly.  People have no trouble talking about their medical procedures, sex lives, and everything in between. But there are still a few taboo topics out there, and one of them is body odor.  No one wants it or wants to be around someone who has it…. Read more »

Civility is Dead

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Well, maybe not dead yet, but it’s certainly on its last legs. Here in the United States we have a president who encourages his supporters to mock his political opponents during rallies.  His wife has all but admitted he hasn’t been faithful to her.  He flat-out lies during interviews and on social media and then gets angry when he’s called… Read more »