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Happy thoughts!

National Love your Pet Day

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This is yet another very self-explanatory holiday. It could be argued that EVERY day is Love your Pet day in most homes with pets.  But go ahead and take a minute today to give yours some extra love, whether your pet has fur, feathers, scales, or anything else.  They will appreciate it AND many studies suggest that spending time with… Read more »

Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day

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I do not identify as a crazy cat lady.  I only have 3 cats AND I have a husband (crazy cat ladies don’t have husbands).  That being said, I was more excited than I probably should be when I learned about today- Answer your cat’s questions day. I have a pretty good idea what questions my cats have had.  And… Read more »

Christmas is for Who?

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We are into the swing of Christmas preparations – how are you coming on yours?  I admit I still have a LOT to do – especially since my husband and I are hosting a family Christmas in our home.   It’s the topic of conversation everywhere from the office to the grocery store.  I even mentioned it in last week’s blog!… Read more »

Tis the Season

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We are into December now, which means that NFL playoff races are heating up and college football teams are getting invited to one of the umteen gazillion bowl games that have multiplied exponentially in recent years (Remember when you had to be a really good team to go to a bowl game?  But I digress). As anyone who knows me… Read more »

What It’s All About

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This week here in the US we celebrate Thanksgiving.  It’s a time for families to get together over what’s usually a comically large amount of food and take time to be thankful for all of our blessings. It’s a holiday full of rituals.  For some it’s the breaking of the wishbone.  For others it’s scouring the Black Friday ads.  Some… Read more »

Why am I Doing This?

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After finding out I have a blog most people ask what it’s about.  As I’ve discussed before, that can be a tricky question to answer, but I try. But even trickier is when people ask WHY I have one.  The simplest answer is that it’s my hobby.  I don’t do arts and crafts.  I don’t enjoy cooking.  I do like… Read more »

One Hit Wonder Day

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Today is One Hit Wonder Day.  A time to fondly look back on the songs that where everywhere and then one day they- along with the artist who performed them- just vanished. Did you dance the Macarena at a wedding or two?  Did you woof along while wondering Who Let the Dogs Out? Maybe you preferred Don’t Worry, Be Happy,… Read more »

Good Sports

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I spent last Saturday at the Waseca Marching Classic.  This is an annual marching band competition and clinic for high school bands that’s in its third decade.  I believe between the parade and field show competitors there were around 20 schools from Minnesota and Iowa that participated.  And while it got a little cold towards the end of the night… Read more »

Falling in Love

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I hope all my US based readers are having a safe and enjoyable long Labor Day holiday weekend!  The exact moment when this post is published is also the moment my fantasy football draft starts, so I’ll be capping off my weekend with a little smack talk and a lot of lofty predictions that will almost surely fail to come… Read more »