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Peace on Earth?

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What do you want for Christmas (if you celebrate)? Some people answer that question with a specific item or items. Some people answer they want their family together, happy and healthy.  Some people even bust out the old beauty queen cliche of world peace. Lately that lofty goal of world peace seems further away than ever- we can’t even have… Read more »

Back Seat Santa

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Last year I wrote about a troubling trend I’ve noticed- the notion that Christmas is just for kids.  It still really bothers me that anyone could feel that way- please see here to recall why: But today I’m going to put out an even more radical holiday thought- I invite you to reimagine Santa Claus. Before you come at me… Read more »

Tired, but Thankful, Blogger

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People ask me if I enjoy writing my blog, and I do.  I don’t make money- in fact I PAY money for the privilege by way of my hosting charges,  custom domain, spam protection and a few other incidentals. That’s not to say that it’s all rainbows and unicorns.  More Sunday afternoons than I care to admit I stare at… Read more »

Just Do Something

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Lately there have been quite a few people in my extended family who have been struck with life threatening medical emergencies.  One was in a terrible car accident.  One fell off a ladder.  Another has a 5 month old daughter with cancer. I have other people in my sphere dealing with horrible family problems.  Whether the underlying issues are money,… Read more »

Thank you Veterans

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Today is Veterans Day.   Unlike Memorial Day, which is set aside to honor those who lost their lives in the line of service, Veterans Day is the day when we honor ALL veterans. We all know a veteran.  Maybe a parent or a grandparent.  Maybe a classmate or a neighbor.  Maybe a teacher or a coworker.  Maybe all of the… Read more »

No Free Passes?

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A good friend is going through a difficult time right now dealing with a toxic family member.   I will not be sharing any identifying details, but there has been a life long pattern of narcissistic and downright awful behavior from this family member and there has been a recent chain of events that have really brought this behavior front and… Read more »