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Maritime Day

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Duluth MN Joseph Block

Today is Maritime Day! Today is all about the history of the maritime industry and the men and women who have, and will continue to shape it. At first glance this might seem like an odd “holiday” for me to be excited about as Iowa is, as you should very well know, land locked.  However, as most of you also… Read more »

I’m Still a Woman

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Last week marked a milestone of sorts for me- the 10 year anniversary of my hysterectomy. I had very large uterine fibroids that were growing rapidly and causing a variety of very unpleasant symptoms that would have only continued to worsen had I not had the surgery.  And, I won’t lie- not having to deal with monthly periods anymore has… Read more »

I Don’t Know and I Don’t Care

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Like most middle-aged folks I gripe a lot about getting older.   And at first glance it isn’t much to be excited about.   I have to get up in the middle of the night to pee just about every night.  I can hurt all day if I “sleep wrong”.   If my feet get cold I’m miserable.  Most current hit music sounds… Read more »

National Potato Chip Day

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Yes, today is indeed a wonderful day! Who doesn’t love potato chips?  They are the perfect accompaniment to sandwiches, essential for getting tasty dips into your mouth, and come in almost every flavor you can imagine.  Dill pickle?  Sure!  BBQ?  You bet!  Cheese?  All different kinds!  Chicken and biscuits?  Weirdly enough, yes! It really is true that “no one can… Read more »

Be Careful What You Wish For

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For years I’ve heard people say “We never get good old-fashioned blizzards anymore.  When I was a kid we’d be stranded for days!  I’d sure like to see one of those snowstorms again.” Well, if you happen to live in northern Iowa or southern Minnesota and have uttered this phrase in the past 20 years, congratulations.  You got your wish…. Read more »

National Love your Pet Day

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This is yet another very self-explanatory holiday. It could be argued that EVERY day is Love your Pet day in most homes with pets.  But go ahead and take a minute today to give yours some extra love, whether your pet has fur, feathers, scales, or anything else.  They will appreciate it AND many studies suggest that spending time with… Read more »