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Happy Hour Day

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I don’t have to tell you ho to celebrate this one- today is Happy Hour Day!  Call up your friends or round up your coworkers and toast to another day survived! Fun fact- the first known written reference to happy hour was by Shakespeare  by Henry the V. Second fun fact- the US Navy put Happy Hour on the map… Read more »

Men Make Dinner Day

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Today is one for the ladies- it’s Men Make Dinner Day! Most of us are two-income households now and the days of the little woman staying home and having a gourmet meal waiting for her man when he gets home are long gone.  It’s high time men get more involved with preparing meals for the family! Many guys are great… Read more »

What Do You Hate?

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We all have things that are part of daily life that we hate.  Some people hate going to the grocery store.  Some people hate making small talk.  Some people hate going to the doctor or the dentist. I hate car shopping.  I hate it with a passion.    Alas, this past week my 2008 Chevy Cobalt decided to give up… Read more »

Just Because Day

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Today is National Just Because Day. Today please feel free to do something you wouldn’t usually do or are on the fence about…….. just because. Buy that outfit.  Try out that new lunch place you’ve been driving by for weeks. OR, you can do something super nice for someone “just because”.  That would be great too. Celebrate any way you… Read more »

Getting Knotty

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I’ve attempted several times before to explain why I put myself through the sometimes stressful and sometimes frustrating process of having a regularly updated blog. I will probably never be able to fully express it to myself, let alone anyone else.  The short answer is that it’s half therapy, half creative release and half just plain fun (some days). One… Read more »