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Thank you Veterans

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Today is Veterans Day.   Unlike Memorial Day, which is set aside to honor those who lost their lives in the line of service, Veterans Day is the day when we honor ALL veterans. We all know a veteran.  Maybe a parent or a grandparent.  Maybe a classmate or a neighbor.  Maybe a teacher or a coworker.  Maybe all of the… Read more »

Men Make Dinner Day

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Today is one for the ladies- it’s Men Make Dinner Day! Most of us are two-income households now and the days of the little woman staying home and having a gourmet meal waiting for her man when he gets home are long gone.  It’s high time men get more involved with preparing meals for the family! Many guys are great… Read more »

It’s About Time

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Someone please explain to me- in small words- why Daylight Saving Time is still a thing in 2019 (and yes, it’s Daylight Saving-  NOT Savings). First off, a little history.    Daylight Saving time was first implemented here in the US during World War I to conserve energy and was modeled after what many European countries were also doing at… Read more »

No Free Passes?

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A good friend is going through a difficult time right now dealing with a toxic family member.   I will not be sharing any identifying details, but there has been a life long pattern of narcissistic and downright awful behavior from this family member and there has been a recent chain of events that have really brought this behavior front and… Read more »