Black Cat Appreciation Day Again!

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It’s Black Cat Appreciation day today! Yes, I commemorated this day last year but it bears repeating.  Black cats are the least likely to be adopted out of shelters and way too many people still fear them. I currently share my home with 3 black cats (And yes, they are getting along better all the time). So I can tell… Read more »

The Top Three Reasons (This Week) President Trump Might Get Us All Killed

The time for sugar-coating is over.  In light of recent events its high time to just come out and say it- President Donald Trump has no idea what he is doing and the entire world could pay for it. Now to be clear, I am not blaming the folks who voted for Trump for his inability to be a President…. Read more »

Local Government isn’t Scary After All

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Last night I did something I’ve never done before.  I spoke during public comment at a local city council meeting.  I’ve been to quite a few city council meetings- my husband Pat was on our city council for some time- but have never addressed the council until last night. I attended the meeting last because my city wants to reassign where… Read more »

International Child Free Day

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And here I thought Pizza Day was the best one ever!  Nope- it gets even better.  Today is International Child Free Day.  Not just in Iowa.  Not just in the United States.  The entire planet is celebrating the phenomenon that is a child free person today! This celebration was first held in 1973 sponsored by the National Organization for Non-Parents… Read more »

I Need Your Help!

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I usually have anywhere from 2 to 5 blog posts in various stages of undoneness just hanging out in my account.  Sometimes I get several good ideas all at once.  Sometimes I get stuck.  Sometimes I can’t decide if it’s worth finishing.  These half posts come in very handy on weeks when my mind just goes blank. But I’ve been… Read more »

How Not to Address (Others in Debate)

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Everyone has opinions.  Most everyone things their opinions are correct and/ or better than those of folks who feel otherwise. Some people feel so strongly about their positions on certain topics that they engage folks who believe otherwise in discussion.  There is nothing wrong with healthy debate.  It’s one of our rights as US citizens.  However,  like anything else, there… Read more »