An Ode to Freedom

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On Sunday April 22nd my nephew Luke confirmed at the Freedom Lutheran church in rural Janesville MN.  My sister (his mother) and I were confirmed there, as was our father and our grandfather and many other members of my dad’s family.   While I’ve long since moved away, Freedom will always hold a special, if sometimes conflicted, place in my heart…. Read more »

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Labels)

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As many of you know, my employer is a small manufacturing company based in Mason City.  We produce all kinds of asset tags, many of which we refer to as labels  (NOT stickers.  I joke that “stickers” is the naughty “s” word in our building).  In this sense, labels are great- they keep me in gainful employment, which keeps me… Read more »

Pet Day

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Today is Pet Day! As you know from my posts (if not my logo), I love cats.  I currently share my home with 3 black beauties- Hershey, Pumpkin (yes, she’s black) and Boots.  All three of these fur kids came into my life in different ways- Hershey was my husband’s cat before he and I got married, Pumpkin came from… Read more »

World Party Day

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Here’s an idea everyone can get behind- World Party Day! The idea comes from the book “Flight- a Quantum Fiction Novel” written 1995 by Vanna Bonta.  At the end of this sci fi novel there is a worldwide celebration that takes place on April 3rd 2000.  While not necessarily hugely important to the overall plot (which is pretty confusing to… Read more »

Independently……. Married?

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Something I’ve heard from several women lately is that they are “too independent to be married”.  Now, most of the women saying this to be are recently divorced or in the midst of divorce, so it certainly makes sense that marriage isn’t high on their list of favorite things right now. However, I 1000% wholeheartedly reject the underlining premise, which… Read more »