Coloring Book Day

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Today is coloring book day! Coloring books used to be just for kids, but now adult coloring books are almost as common.  I personally own several and find it’s a great stress reliever and just plain fun. Whether you prefer crayons, colored pencils, or gel pens today is a great day to color- whether alone or with a special child… Read more »

What I Don’t Need

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There are a lot of things I don’t need, but the one thing I’m specifically referring to today is pity. I have an amazing husband, a job I love, 3 feline kids, great friends, a good family, and so many other blessings I can’t even count.   Sure, I have my struggles with mental illness and a few other things, but… Read more »

Can we talk?

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In spite of my best intentions I do still get into occationsal disagreements with folks online.  I konw it’s stupid to even try 99% of the time, but sometimes, like a good share of us, I see something so ridiculous that I just can’t let it go by.  Today (yesterday to you readers) has been one of those days.  However,… Read more »