World Thinking Day

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Today is World Thinking Day.  It was created by the Girl Scouts/ Girl Guides in the UK to invite everyone to think beyond their neighborhood, state or even nation, but rather consider the world as their home.  Celebrate our differences, yet also celebrate our similarities. It’s purely coincidental it happens to fall during the Olympics, but I can’t think of… Read more »

I Give Up

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I had every intent to write a long, thoughtful essay on the quagmire that is the gun control debate in the United States.  I have researched Constitutional Law and gun laws in other countries.  I’ve Googled countless Facebook memes to determine the truth (or lack thereof) behind them.   I have spent more time researching this than probably any other topic… Read more »

Donor Day

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Today is Donor Day- a day to thank everyone who has donated blood, bone marrow, organs, etc. as well as to bring awareness to the need for donors. It’s very simple to become an organ donor – you simply have to add that notation to your driver’s licence or state issued ID.  While you are still drawing breath you can… Read more »

Have a Heart

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As I’m sure you are well aware, this Wednesday is Valentine’s Day.  While there are a few folks who refuse to celebrate it because it’s “too commercial”, most people in relationships do observe it in one way or another. If you’ve been a reader of mine for any length of time you know full well that I am all about… Read more »

Boy Scout Day

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Today is Boy Scout Day. The Boy Scouts of America were incorporated in 1910 and even since have been teaching boys and young men many skills including leadership and citizenship.  My husband is an Eagle Scout- the highest award in Scouting.  So is my cousin Andrew, 181 astronauts, Gerald Ford, many high-ranking military and political leaders, Mike Rowe (the Dirty… Read more »

Memo- Government Runs Amuk

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I hate politics.  I usually go out of my way to avoid them.  Alas, the current state of affairs in DC make that impossible.  Donald Trump routinely says things that are easily proved to be false and then claims “the media is against him” when anybody with access to Google has the ability to verify the truth.  A couple very… Read more »