No Beard Day

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For reasons I cannot understand beards (on men) are very fashionable right now.   It’s just not my jam.  So, I was thrilled to discover that I am not alone! That’s right- today is No Beard Day! To clarify- I agree that some guys do look good with some stubble.  But that stubble needs to be neat and clean.  Full on… Read more »

My takeaways from the MN Bloggers Conference 2017 #mnblogcon

This past weekend I attended the Minnesota Bloggers Conference in St. Paul Minnesota. This was the second year I went and I’m so glad I did!  As much as I enjoyed it last year I think I got more out of it this year and came away with more confidence in the direction I want to take my blog.  Here… Read more »

Coming Out Day

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This one is pretty self-explanatory.  And pretty important. National Coming Out Day was created in 1988 in part as a response to the then common public opinion of “I don’t know anyone who is gay”.  The event drew widespread media attention and the cause was taken up by the Human Right Campaign a couple of years later. If you remember… Read more »

Operation Add 3rd Cat Is a Success!

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It’s been almost 6 months since we welcomed Boots into our home and I’m pleased to let everyone know that Operation Add Third Cat is a success! No, we don’t have kitties holding paws and meowing Kumbaya together, but the hissing and the growling is virtually nonexistent and we’ve even caught all 3 of them sleeping on our bed together… Read more »

Vodka Day!

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Today is a fun one!  It’s vodka day! Rum used to be my spirit of choice, and I do still like a Bacardi Diet Coke, but vodka lemonades, vodka cranberries, and drinks like UV Blue and Sprite have become favorites as well.  My husband is fond of screwdrivers.  Martinis and Bloody Marys are extremely popular as well, so vodka isn’t… Read more »

World Day of Bullying Prevention

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Today is World Bullying Prevention Day.  This is a topic that is very close to my heart. I was bullied quite a bit in school.  It started in late elementary and continued through graduation.  It took different forms over the years but the message was always the same- I was weird, I was ugly, I wasn’t “cool”.  I was bullied… Read more »

Today (Well, Yesterday Now) Made Me Sad

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It’s Sunday night.  In between cheering for the Vikings and screaming obscenities at the Dolphins (YOU LOST TO THE JETS??? REALLY????) I was engaged in several “debates” on social media over the comments the president made on Friday regarding the NFL ( I’m not going to dignify those awful statements by repeating them, but you know what I’m referring to)… Read more »