World Music Day

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Is there anything more special and worthy of celebrating than music? Today is World Music Day.  It was started in France and quickly spread, first through Europe and then to all corners of the globe. but it is still most commonly celebrated in Europe with free concerts and festivals.  I think we need to get on this America!! I took… Read more »

My Semicolon Story

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You may have heard of Keep Collective, it is a mix and match jewelry company with a gabillion different “charms” that you select from and then attach to a necklace or bracelet.   If you would like to make your very own customized jewelry item my good friend Stacy would be more than happy to assist you at The photo… Read more »

World Environment Day and Why it Matters

As luck would have it, today is World Environment Day, which melds perfectly with what’s on my mind, which is President Trump’s announcement that he wishes to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement.  I say “wishes to” because it turns out it’s a little more complicated than just saying “I want out”- something Trump himself appears to be completely… Read more »

World MS Day

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Normally I go for something wacky and funny for my holidays, but today is an important one so I’m choosing to share it sans jokes.  Today is World MS Day. We all know people who lived with or are currently living with MS.  My mother in law had MS for 35 years.   She was an amazing, strong woman who… Read more »