Turn Up the Heat

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This afternoon I sat down to write about thermostat Nazis and why they are the bane of modern existence.  This topic is on my mind right now because it snowed today here in beautiful northern Iowa and yet there are STILL people on social media bragging about how they haven’t turned their furnaces on yet.  I pity the families of… Read more »

Clean your Virtual Desktop Day

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Today is clean your virtual desktop day! There are two kinds of people in this world- folks with 5 icons on their desktops and folks with 105.  In spite of all evidence to the contrary, I fall fully into the “less is more” camp.  Just like I cannot work with too many items in my inbox or too many icons… Read more »

Why am I Doing This?

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After finding out I have a blog most people ask what it’s about.  As I’ve discussed before, that can be a tricky question to answer, but I try.  http://www.beckypalmer.me/2016/03/whats-a-knotty-thing/ But even trickier is when people ask WHY I have one.  The simplest answer is that it’s my hobby.  I don’t do arts and crafts.  I don’t enjoy cooking.  I do like… Read more »

World Farm Animals Day

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Today is World Farm Animals Day. This day was created in memory of Ghandi, who preached that all animals should be treated humanely, even those destined for the dinner plate. Having grown up on a farm myself I couldn’t agree with him more. Well cared for animals will produce more milk, will grow faster, and will be overall more profitable… Read more »

An Open Letter to Chuck Grassley

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Dear Chuck- What the hell happened to you? You used to be the defender of the American wallet.  You voted against pay raises for yourself more than once.  You discovered $112,000 toilet seat purchases and exposed the companies responsible.  You railed against accounting practices that made it easier for companies to move earnings from one year into another for tax… Read more »

One Hit Wonder Day

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Today is One Hit Wonder Day.  A time to fondly look back on the songs that where everywhere and then one day they- along with the artist who performed them- just vanished. Did you dance the Macarena at a wedding or two?  Did you woof along while wondering Who Let the Dogs Out? Maybe you preferred Don’t Worry, Be Happy,… Read more »